How to make easy embroidered friendship bracelets with string

Feeling crafty and creative? Now might be the best time to start up a new hobby. Learn how to create a handmade friendship bracelet with string for beginners in this intricate step-by-step guide!

A staircase bracelet is an easy friendship bracelet to create for beginners, and this guide will teach you the fundamental basics in order to make sure your first one is unique and premium. I’ve been a friendship bracelets maker for a while and after high demand on this topic, I have assembled a perfect DIY friendship bracelet guide for absolute beginners

Do you want to gift something personal that shows effort and love? A handmade bracelet is the perfect gift to give to your friends or yourself. This bracelet is very versatile and can be customized with Christmas colors or colors of your choice.

Step 1: Prepare your supplies

In order to create most string bracelets, you need the following tools and supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Ruler (as large as possible)
  • Tape
  • Embroidery string (4 colors, 2 meters each)

A high-quality string is required if you wish to create durable and premium bracelets. I’ve tested many types and qualities of string and really recommend you use durable and high-quality string. Make sure to use embroidery string as these have a thickness and durability that is suitable for knotting. For new bracelet makers, I recommend you purchase Amazon’s choice for embroidery string which offers you either 50 or 124 colorful skeins of string. The 50-skein one currently retails for $7 while the 124-skein one sells for $10.99. These packs are always my go-to for anyone just getting into knotting as they include just about any color. I personally ordered the 124-skein pack when I began my bracelet-making journey and keep coming back to reorder it. The small pack should last you for the creation of at least 35 bracelets and accessories while the larger one should last you for a good 80 bracelets. You can purchase them through the links below:

Step 2: Cut your string and prepare the set-up

Pick four colors for your bracelet based on your preference. If you are having trouble matching colors to each other, a quick Google search such as “what color goes well with blue” should be able to guide you.

Using your ruler and your scissors, measure and cut 2 strings of each color you are using, 100 cm each. Place the end of your skein on the tip of your ruler and wrap the string around the length of your ruler several times until you reach 100 cm. If your ruler measures up to 30 cm, for example, you need to wrap the string three times to reach 90 cm and an extra 10 cm.

Place a piece of tape above the knot you just tied and stick the bundle of 8 strings to a clear surface or table to begin knotting. You could also use a clipboard as a surface instead of a table if you wish to take your strings with you and knot on the go.

Step 3: Begin knotting

The staircase bracelet you are creating involves the repetition of a six-step forward knot. Check the figure below to learn how to make this knot.

The procedure is pretty simple: you take any of the 8 strings you tied together as “string 1” in the image above and the bundle of the remaining 7 strings as a single “string 2” illustrated above. String 1 which wraps and ties around the rest is the one that will be shown on the exterior, so pick it in accordance with the first color you want to appear. Tie your knots lightly until they fall into place; do not tighten them excessively or your bracelet will become floppy.

Repeat the above steps without modification several times for the same “string 1” and bundle of string until you have a reasonable length of the first color, about one-fourth of a finger.

Once you have attained your desired length of color string 1 on the exterior, you can move on to other colors. Return the “string 1” you were wrapping to the bundle of knots and pick out any other color. Perform the same procedure as previously, tieing the new colored string around the bundle of remaining strings in a forward knot as demonstrated in the figure above. Repeat the same steps as before repeatedly until the length of the second color is similar to that of the first one.

After finishing the second color, repeat the same procedure for the remaining 2 colors, one at a time, and move on to repeat with the remaining four strings in the same order as above. Don’t worry if it takes you some time as you’ll be extremely proud of yourself once you’re finished.

Step 4: Braid the ends

Now that you’re done with the heavy part, it is time to tidy up the ends of the bracelet. Even out the lengths of the remaining strings and cut them uniformly.

Even out the ends and cut them smoothly

Now separate the 8 strings into 2 or 3 bunches and braid them to achieve a neat ending. Once you’re done braiding, leave about two centimeters of string and make a knot to prevent the braids from untieing. Once you’re done, remove the tape off the bracelet and proceed to braid the other side.

And voila, you’re done!

Hope you enjoyed making your staircase bracelet! Let me know what you think of it in the comment section below and tag me on Instagram if you decide to make it.

Handmade Staircase Embroidery Friendship Bracelet

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