Final touches to your outfit before heading out

So you’re dressed and ready to head out of the house but still feel incomplete and unready.

Relax. We’ve all been there!

Sometimes, the only thing that’s missing your outfit is an elegant accessory, and I have assembled a few tips to follow whenever you’re feeling indecisive about how to accessorize at that last minute.

Whether you want to steal the crowd’s attention or grab the discrete looks of those around you, these tips should help you accessorize in style.

1. How formal is your outing?

Are you going out to a fancy dinner with your associates and supervisors from work? Are you reuniting with old friends? Are you going to party like there is no tomorrow?

Understanding the circumstances of your outing is key before deciding how to accessorize and you may consider wearing accessories on your wrists, ankles, and neck depending on the occasion.

If you are headed out to a formal dinner party, wearing gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings is recommended; however, be careful not to overdress such accessories as they could make you look snobby or get stolen.

If you are headed to a party or meeting up with friends, choosing light and fashionable accessories is the way to go. You may consider any of Cate Crafts’ ready-to-go options or customize the colors of your accessories to match your outfit ahead of time.

2. How dressed are you?

An anklet and choker may be just what you need to add detail to your light outfit. If you are feeling extra, you may consider a stylish bracelet that complements your outfit without adding excessive elements. This is all purely subjective; however, if you feel elegant enough wearing a few accessories, you should probably avoid wearing anything in excess.

If you are headed out with friends to a vibrant party, you can never wear enough accessories. Wear up to 5 bracelets on your hands and rock two anklets to make sure you stand out!

3. How colorful is your occasion?

Formal or not, all outfits can be complemented by some color. A colorful staggered chevron goes well with just about everything and a neat grayscale staircase compliments your attire and ensures you never look too bland.

Let me know in the comments if you find any of the tips above helpful!

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