Starting Cate Crafts

I’m Catherine Zgheib. A middle-school student whose passions include Netflix, food, and crafts. I discovered my new hobby, making bracelets and accessories, while in Covid quarantine and have been obsessed with it ever since. My bracelet kit accompanied me wherever I went (literally wherever) and so I got better and better at knotting. After a few months of dedication, people around me started noticing my wearables and would ask where I got them from. They would always get shocked once they found out I was the one who created them.

I so eagerly wanted to start an Instagram page that showcased my creations to the world – and so I did! I was very proud of my page and my digital presence was slowly growing as I continued to post regularly. When a few of my followers started asking to purchase some of my creations, I was genuinely shocked, but also inspired to start an online store of mine.

I began selling my creations on Instagram and had a growing number of orders per week. I have reached the point where I am confident enough to start my own store.